Kassataya distingué à travers l'émission Duugu ...

Kassataya distingué à travers l'émission Duugu Deege de Thierno Tandia (http://kassataya.com/actu/kassataya-distingue-a-travers-lemission-duugu-deege-de-thierno-tandia) KASSATAYA vient d'être distingué par l'association Wagadu Jikke des USA. A travers cette distinction, les responsables de l’association Wagadu Jikke souhaitaient exprimer « leur profonde gratitude à Duugu Deege et à KASSATAYA pour l’inestimable contribution à la promotion de la culture soninké et pour avoir proposé un espace favorable au dialogue interculturel. »


Continuing the Conversation on Immigration Reform ...

Continuing the Conversation on Immigration Reform – The African Immigrant Diaspora Voice Posted by Stephanie Valencia on August 15, 2011 at 02:43 PM EDT U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (http://www.uscis.gov/portal/site/uscis)(USCIS), Department of Education, and HHS Office of Refugee Resettlement (http://www.acf.hhs.gov/programs/orr/)- met with African community leaders to discuss immigration issues specific to the African immigrant and refugee population.


Tools for Immigrants

Legal Orientation Program: Legal Resources Throughout 2007, Vera translated various Legal Orientation Program (LOP) materials into Arabic, French, Korean, Portuguese, Simplified Chinese/Mandarin, and Vietnamese. The following materials range from a legal rights presentation script, to a general guide on asylum, to brief fact sheets on topics such as voluntary departure, expedited removal, T-Visas, U-Visas, and more.


New Yorkers Rally for Immigration, Health, and Lab...

New Yorkers Rally for Immigration, Health, and Labor Reforms New York City. Close to a thousand New Yorkers from the city’s immigrant, labor, and faith communities gathered for a spirited rally in Madison Square Park in midtown Manhattan today, calling onCongress and President Obama to enact long-delayed immigration reforms that will reunite families and create a path to citizenship for immigrants who currently have no way of getting legal status.


Bakary Tandia: A champion for the immigrant commun...

Bakary Tandia: A champion for the immigrant community   By CYRIL JOSH BARKERAmsterdam News Staff Bakary Tandia helps the immigrant community by serving as a case manager for the Harlem-based organization African Services Committee. A native of the West African country of Mauritania, he is also a policy advocate not only for the New York City immigrant community, but also for his home country.Arriving in New York in 1992 to escape the conflicts in Mauritania between Africans and Arabs, he said he was one of many Blacks in the country who was forced to leave, as the government attempts to run the country under Arab rules. He noted that many Black refugees live in camps in nearby African nations.




Wagadu Jikke is an organization whose mission is to facilitate the integration of its members in North America and to promote Soninke language and culture. It also purports to advocate for the general interest of the membership through facilitation of networking and employment opportunities, interim housing accommodation for newcomers and crisis management.



The goals of Wagadu Jiike shall be summarized as follows:

  • To enable the immigrants from Kaedi and Djeol and their associates in creating an atmosphere of trust and solidarity for the economic well-being of the membership as a whole;
  • To engage in economic and cultural activities that help promote the Soninke culture and generate revenues for the funding of programs related to the mission and goals of Wagadu Jiike;
  • To establish and maintain economic and social means to assist in welcoming, providing orientation and supporting the integration of new immigrants from Kaedi/Djeol area into their host communities;
  • To serve as a provider of financial resources to members and associate members who may be faced with emergencies including but not limited to accidents, legal problems, prolonged illnesses and expatriation of remains; and
  • To encourage the efforts of participating in the support or creation of community development projects in Kaedi/Djeol area.
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85-64 102 Street 2 Floor

Richmond Hill, New York 11418 - USA

e-mail: Bureau@wagadu-jikke.org

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